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ZIMGLOBAL NETWORKS is a tech company that focus on primarily on the provision of Hardware, networking and technical solutions .

It provides the complete lifecycle from breaking down of components, assembling, engineering and even innovative inventions of new ideas.

Our Services

This is done through a process from technical diagnosis , hardware troubleshouting , reverse engineering to breackdown and reassemble the components.

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We proud ourselves in working , supporting and assisting innovative and talented youngsters in producing and creating their own projects

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We provide (through Macadev and intelli-sys training center) , industrial and hands on trainings

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Repairing As A Service

Phone Repair

Recognizing any visible problems, analyzing their behaviour,finding out what is and is not working.Fix the problems.

Desktop Repair

Taking a look at the desktop(diagnosis) , troubleshooting , fixing the defects and reassembling if it was disassembled

Tablet Repair

Identifying the problem, troubleshooting which includes disabling settings which do not serve any purpose.

Consol Repair

We are a technology repairing centre also providing game console repairs.When you need a repair you need ZimGlobal

Phone Accessories

We provide any missing or worn out parts of a phone these include lcd, chargers, cables, cases, adapters and more

Laptop Repair

Discovery of the repair , Troubleshooting, Dissassembling,fixing and Reassembling.



Team work


Why Choose Us?

Low Cost

ZimGlobal offers affordable services to anyone at any time.

Best Materials

There are only high quality products that can satisfy every customer with any distinct problem .

Best Professionals

Our service providers have an outstanding ability to solve any problem addressed by every customer.


ZimGlobal provides the most reliable,loyal and trusted service as our products are of the highest quality.

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Trusted Clients

"Great service and response with effort to get me into schedule quickly.My computer was running very slowly for several months.I called ZimGlobal because they were recommended on my friend's list.I was very pleased with the work and my computer runs faster now and according to Dumisani it has no major problems and should be good for a long time.
I will use Dumisani in the near future to consult on a new machine and any other issues that comes up".

Julia Moyo

Happy Clients

"I am so impressed that Tinashe not only recovered my data, but was able to restore it to a new harddrive so that when i turned on my laptop it was like t had never crashed.
I can never thank ou enough".

Constance Nyama

Happy Clients

"Very professional and efficient.I loved how they were able to come so quickly and i didnt have to take the computer to be serviced.I would definitely recommend this service to someone with a computer problem.
Thank you, so much".

Tapiwa Sithole

Happy Clients
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What is Computer Engineering ?

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Becoming the best and world class provider of Hardware, networking and technical solutions

Our Latest Inventions
  • Dumisani
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Losing any posession is never easy.We provide and install an application that safeguard you in the event your phone is stolen and that person detaches your email account.

  • Tinashe
  • 350
  • 30

recently working on a chip that can be attached on a mobile phone that it enables tracking eveen if the device is off.

  • Admin
  • 350
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Moderator is in charge and responsible for ensuring that things are done in a fairly and organised manner .